Part 2 !

This second part was hosted by my friends in Notary public London

Now lets look at the CJEU (Court of Justice of the European Union)

 Article 6 may not have explicit exceptions the same way Article 8 does. To hold its value up the CJEU have explicitly said sometimes  LPP has to be argued against, in the context of Money Laundering.

In the Belgian Bars v Council of Ministers [2007] it was asked if the Money laundering directive would lead to a breach of Article 6 of ECHR. The court held that,

“the obligation to report information to the authorities responsible for the prevention of money laundering stipulated in article 6 paragraph 1 from the second directive on money laundering, considering also the provisions of article 3 paragraph 3, do not breach the right to a fair trial as guaranteed by article 6 of ECHR and by article 6 paragraph 2 from the EU Treaty”.

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